"When I hear Billy play, I want to jump on stage and sing along! Great toe-tappin' music."
Cara Luft

"Billy Mandzuik is a great songwriter, right up there with Steve Earle and Ryan Adams."
Micheal Murphy
Mastering Supervisor, Capitol Records, Hollywood

It has been wonderful watching Billy grow as an artist over a short few years and to see and hear his work develop. Billy has crafted a sound and style that is compelling and authentic. Full of ideas and life his songs thoughtfully reflect and boldly challenge. In performance Billy has found his groove working with great players, employing dynamics and sophisticated chops. I’m a fan.
John Rutherford
Director, Music Programming Epcor Centre for the Performing Arts

Billy Manzik has been a great addition to the Live From the Rock Folk Festival for the past two summers. In addition to being a fine musician he is also a wonderful festival performer. In workshops and in concert he tell the story behind the song and has a sensibility which enables him to pick the right song for the right time and place. I have no hesitation in recommending him for your festival. Yours for the music Liz Harvey-Foulds "It was great having Billy perform at the festival - he was loved by the crowd and was a fantastic guy to work with. His songs had a real genuine feeling about them - they were right from the heart - bottom line, having Billy here was a really good experience - he exceeded my expectations."
Clay Brander
Sunshine Music Festival 2007 Powell River BC

"A fresh new voice on the Canadian music scene." Rob Smith Rocky Mountain Studio (Little Miss Higgins, Tim Williams, ...) The world needs to listen to Billy Manzik. He's a modern day adventurer who has lived all over the world, and as a result has a wealth of insight to offer regarding the human experience. Couple this with exciting roots guitar playing and an ear for melody and delicate harmony and you get a powerhouse performer. This is evident in the following Billy has already accumulated in his young career. I look forward to Billy's development, and you should too.
Daniel J.Coe
Arranger/Producer (Aerosmith, The Trews, Tracy Bonham, New York Dolls, David Lynch film scoring and production)