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Billy Manzik - AllTogetherNow (CD, Rawlco Radio, Pop/rock)

Once again a Canadian beats Americans at their own game. Thunder Bay, Ontario's Billy Manzik writes cool, bluesy, Americana-based pop/rock that is fueled by genuine sincerity. AllTogetherNow blasts off with the hyper Buddy Holly-ish "On A Road"...which serves as the perfect introduction. Manzik writes and records music that is classic in nature and inherently real. Instead of using technology as a tool to write and create, Billy's songs utilize traditional instruments and incorporate ideas from the past. And yet the songs never come across sounding like a retread of times gone by. And man, what a voice this guy has. Manzik is one of those up-and-coming artists who could easily become hugely popular if all the pieces just happen to fit together. Firmly addicting cuts include "Consigned," "The Needle Threads," and "Note To Self." Good solid stuff with a conscience.