All Voices Review

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Canadian musician Billy Manzik has been compared to both Steve Earle & Ryan Adams. But Billy owes and owns comparisons much broader than that! His new CD "AllTogethernow" shows an eclectic and electric influence that goes back to both The Band & Buffalo Springfield....but always distincly Billy Manzik! The 11 masterful cuts on his second album pays tribute to a plethora of both Rock & Roll and Blues influences. Produced by Chris Wardman ( Tragically Hip & Randy Bachman) in Toronto, this CD will both rock and knock your socks off! I confess to being an "old school" kinda guy..brought up on 60's Rock and folk..maturing with Springsteen and John Prine. Billy Manzik rekindles that love for hard-drivin', slide-guitarin'. mouth harpin' music. This CD puts him somewhere between a Delta Steve Miller meeting Bo Diddley and the Boss somewhere out on Highway 61... From the hard-driving nervous energy of the opening cut "On A Road" through the Stevie Ray Vaughn sound of "Same Thing Goes"....Billy hits all the right notes. The mixing is masterfull..the back-ups melodious and the accompaniment magnificent. This is an album to remember..a threshold and breakthrough for a new artist. It is Bruce Cockburn meeting Jackson Browne..or Buffet meeting Dylan. Sometimes raucous..always rocking..rarely missing a beat..or a note..or a nuance. Like the last cut.."Note to Self"...go out and buy this's a keeper!